Astrologers & Services



Natal chart reading:

A detailed account of the position of the planets, houses and aspects in your natal chart and what they reveal about your character and destiny.


Solar return chart:

Your unique predictions for the year ahead


Composite/ synastry (relationship) chart:

An analysis of yours and your partner’s chart in composite: what are the central themes in your relationship? Where is there harmony or contention?





Vedic Natal Chart reading

The Eastern sidereal method incorporates the “procession of the equinoxes,” the astronomical concept of earth tilting on 23.5 degree axis. While referring to a fixed zodiac, Vedic astrology’s calculations are 23.5 degrees ahead of Western calculations.


Western sidereal Persona Chart

Dive deeper into any planet of your choice. The persona chart calculates the inner personality of any individual planet in chart form.

$60 per planet.

*If interested in more than one planet you will receive a discounted rate. Please contact me for a quote.